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! ! O M G ! !

! ! hi ! ! what happenin every1? well im sooooooo excited n hyper rite now... it must b the "skittle bittles" lolz... newayz i have so many projects due this week... its 2 much...! ! ! omg 2morrow i have gym... n i have 2 run and stuff n im tired!!! o well... on saturaday i went 2 GRANT 2 the movies n i saw "serendipity" i guess it was good.... i went wif krystal n lisa n stacey... the lady that sat in front of us had to turn around n tell me n krystal 2 b quiet b4 it was like 15 minutes into the movie... then lata when i was comin back wif lisa wif the pretzel bites.. i hit some lady in the head wif mai purse "by accident" i really didnt mean it... then she was like OWWWW!!! like all really loud im like "sorrie"... then i couldnt stop laughin... i gotta bounce buhbye
XoXo *Carlums* XoXo
*Huggies <3 Kisses*

I really didnt mean it!!! really...

it was the skittle bittles.. lolz
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