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hey everyone... i havent written since novenber... sry! well ive been so busy, but this weekend i was at my dads house...
on friday night i went to my dads house and later ashley, krystal jenny and i went to the palace... we had a blast!!!! they all got to sk8 with these guys...(bhaviks jelous)lolz
today i went out to eat for lunch, and i decided to have a party thingie and had two of mai gurls sleepova... ((krystal and ashley)) we had so much fun... we were playin music until 3.30 in the morning... and it was loud!!! and we didnt go to bed until 4.00!! im so tired!
Today everyone went home, and i was on the phone and playin games on my celly all day!!! its was ok.. the only thing that sucks is that i have school tomorrow!! ugg... well i gotta bounce buhbye
MadD <3 Luv
'im motha flower spitful, delightful, iteful' lolz ash *&* krys
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