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hey omg guess wha... i had the best weekend, i went out on fridai with ash and we saw harry potter... its was ok.. it took 4eva! i am so glad that we have to half days this week, cuz otha wise i would die! im sorta sick of school, i still have to do my research paper and a book report, but their not due until fridai i tink (lolz j/k ash) omg bhavik you are so corney, when were on the fone you dont even talk and even worse you dont even noe wha's goin on.... im so bored... i wanna go out on wednesdai but i doubt it cuz mai mom is workin... when we went to grant it was so much fun... i was laughin so hard.. but i gotta go buhbye
**shouts n hollas to mai babi BRI*BRI ... luv ya hunnie
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