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heyz everyones... whatchz doin??? Today i got up sadly to earlier to go to skewl... ((boring)) lolz and then i had fun because i was wif mai gurls and boiz... we have so much fun and we are little devils ((lolz shanee)) no but really we dont do anything but work...WORK,WORK,WORK! ! neways... why is it that i have to sit next to all the WEIRD boiz in my class?? lolz hopefully fridai ill go out wif mai gurls and boiz to the palace... if im allowed and everyone goes!?!?! and if bhavik tells everyone! but when ashley and me go we have SOo much fun! lolz ((all by our selves!!)) but its betta when dmitry's not there cuz he falls all ova the place!! lolz omq that was sOo funni as shyt! dag... neways and this week im gonna have sOo much english homework cuz mai teacher said sOo... thats not fair lolz.... well i just wanna say one more thing to mai gurl kryssy!! ! "ill introduce you lata and you NEVA WRITE NETHING, n if you do ITS ABOUT NOTHING n STUPID!!!! buhbye
XoXo *Carlums* XoXo
*Huggies <3 Kisses*

~*hope 2 see mai gurls and boiz at the palace this fridai!!! *~

** Ash *&* Car ** BFFE **
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