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!~its been a long time~!

hey hey yall... omg todai me and my friends graduated!! i kant believ it... no more baldi!! yeah lolz well rite now im sorta bored, and omg youll neva guess who i lyk again... lolz yup yup dave! [but shhh] he already nows but i dunno if he lyks me even thoe there are signs.. lolz!! well 2morw i mite walk up to baldi and towards dat area wif jen jen cuz we'll be bored and well tak da bus bakk home and hang out.. but im so happie we dun got school till september and da 6th and 7th graders still gotta go until fridai... well dey dun gotta but thats their official last day...

omg todai wen i got home frum graduation and den i went out to eat but afta dat i was tannin and i got a lil burnt... i alwayz get burnt... lolz! well imma guna bounce and do sumtin else iight love ya lotz... mwah ~> out 143
<33Carly <33

i lyk dave <33
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