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<3 alone <3

heyz.. omg i cant get a freakin code to start anotha journal cuz dis one sucks so bad... and plus da color on mi monitor is all screwed up so i cant pick out colors for the backgrounds and crap... ugg i hate dis computer!!!omg ull neva guess what happened yesterdai...iight
me and ash were planin on goin to da movies and meein up der, and she got der early but i didnt noe and i sat in da car for like 30 minutes and den i went home to call her cuz my cell fone has no freakin minutes and den her mom said dat she was already der, bought her ticket and was already in the movie so deni rushed bacc ova to da movies and i went in and found her and we were talkin for like 10 minutes and den the picture was all messed up and we could only hear it and not see it so we got our money bacc and went down to eckerd to get some candy and walk around to give us sumtin to do cuz we had like an hour until we had to go so den we were gonna go to slacks and get a soda or sumtin but there were to many ppl in der so we walked past da dunkin dounuts and we saw these 2 9th graders and they started followin us... and dene they left and we were gonna go into the blockbuster, but rite b4 we were in da door around the corner came, greg, glenn, mike,and dave... den we went in the blockbuster hopin they wouldnt follow us but they did and we were talkin in there for like 5- 10 minutes and den i was like dis is so boring so we left and as soon as we left they followed us out and den they were followin us for like it seemed 30 minutes... and they threw a hot dog at us and an empty beer can.. and then we went to the wall thingie ova towards eckerd to sit and we were lookin for a freakin pay fone to call bhavik and den they finally left and walked into scotchbrook, and we sat der until we had to go.. and den wen i got home i called jen, andy and mike and we talked for like 30 minutes and den i went upstairs to mi room and watched a movie on tv and i guess i fell asleep wif the freakin tv on... lolz well dats it.. and i gotta bounce hunnz <3
<3 Carly <3
<33 Carly loves _ _ _ _ _ <33
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